with this example of the video if you put 3 strips to work in the machine at the same time then it cuts
54.54 pieces per minute
7,636 pieces per hour
61,000 pieces per day

With this being said and the calculations being given if you charge $0.02 per piece, its $1,221 in a 8 hour work shift. This machine will pay itself in almost 1 day! Its a great investment, not only will it save you money and time, but also lower unneeded labor.

High Speed General Description:

The machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device, length, speed, and volume can be set freely, with features of high precision, fast, smooth cutting surface and easy operation. The materials that this machine is suitable for are the following and more.

*Braided Belt
*Velcro Belt Tape
*Plastic Zippers


It's your choice to increase productivity, improve product quality and save labor.
All the data that is input in this machine will be saved automatically before you put off the switch and turn it off. The machine also includes these features:
High Accuracy
Easy operation
stops working without materials in place
Max. cutting width 75mm cold knife\
cutting speed (pcs\min) 70
voltage 110v 50\60hz
packing size L: 22.04 in W: 16.25 in H: 15.75 in
63 pounds

JM-110L Cold Cutting Machine